When Amazon demonstrated the new Echo Studio at a company event in September, I was blown away. This was some of the best audio I had ever heard from a little speaker, filling a room of hundreds of journalists and sounding like it was many speakers connected together.

My initial thought was that rival Sonos, which specializes in great-sounding Wi-Fi speakers, was in trouble.

But not so fast.

After spending several hours with the $200 Studio, out Thursday, there will be no need to schedule a benefit for Sonos. Not this week, anyway.  

The Studio does sounds great. It’s Amazon’s best sounding speaker ever. But at home, just not as jaw-dropping as in Seattle.

Echo Studio.

And the $200 Sonos One, which answers to both Alexa and the Google Assistant and lives in my home, sounds pretty comparable. At least in my humble opinion. 

To sweeten the pot and entice consumers to buy Amazon’s most expensive Echo speaker to date, it’s promoting that “you’ve never heard an Echo like this before.”

Right. Because it sounds so much better than regular Echo’s, which suffer from tinny, AM like sound. 

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