“Well, he’s right. I’m not. And neither is he,” Buttigieg said of Biden on CNN’s “State of the Union.” “Neither is any of us running for president. And this isn’t 2008. It’s 2020. And we are in a new moment calling for a different kind of leadership.”

Buttigieg also responded to Sanders’s attack on him for raising money from wealthy donors.

“Bernie is pretty rich, and I would happily accept a contribution from him,” he said on CNN.

Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-Mass.), meanwhile, declined to say what will happen to her candidacy if she doesn’t finish in at least second place in New Hampshire after her third-place finish in Iowa.

“It’s going to be a long campaign,” Warren said on ABC News’s “This Week.”

Biden described the New Hampshire primary as “an uphill fight.”

“But it’s a fight that I think we’ll do well in,” he said in an interview with “This Week” that was taped Saturday.

The increasingly frantic tone of the campaign continued over the weekend at a New Hampshire Democratic Party dinner Saturday night in Manchester, where, one by one, the candidates made their pitches — as well as the same thinly veiled criticisms they had uttered earlier in the day.

Supporters on all sides cheered and booed. The tenor reflected candidates’ frustration that the race has remained stubbornly fluid, with uncertainty more popular than many of the candidates. A new poll showed that roughly half of New Hampshire voters have not made up their minds with just days to go before Tuesday’s primary.

Several of the candidates continued to voice frustration Sunday at the chaos surrounding this year’s Iowa caucus results.

Sanders said on CNN that the state’s Democratic Party “screwed it up very badly.” But he declined to echo others who have accused the Democratic National Committee of trying to hurt his campaign.

“I’m not casting any aspersions, political aspersions,” Sanders said, emphasizing that he believes he has an “excellent chance” of winning New Hampshire.

Chelsea Janes contributed to this report.

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