The claim: A provision in the coronavirus aid package gives pay raises to members of Congress

Even before the House passed a $2-trillion coronavirus relief package, rumors that representatives were using the legislation to give themselves a pay raise were circulating on social media.

On March 20, Facebook user Barbara Hendrixson posted a graphic claiming that ‚ÄúThe house voted no for senior citizens getting an extra $335.00 a year. They voted to give themselves an extra $8,000.00 a monthūüė≥‚ÄĚ

The post received roughly 54,000 shares on Facebook and nearly 1,000 reactions.

A similar post by user Michael R.¬†Marriott read ‚ÄúStimulus pkg. = $1200. Congress wants $25 million for raises. That’s $46,700 each. Now who’s thinking of You.‚ÄĚ The post has more than 64,000 shares, more than 600 reactions and more than 400 comments.

The posts appear to be referencing language in the law which supports House¬†“salaries and expenses” as well as other operations.¬†USA TODAY reached out to both users for comment but did not receive a response from either.¬†

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