AT&T TV combine live TV with streaming apps, a cloud DVR and voice-activated remote.

You already needed a scorecard to tell all the players in this convoluted streaming, cord-cutting era. Monday’s nationwide launch of AT&T TV not only ushers in a new player, but it invites even more confusion.

Come to think of it, AT&T isn’t exactly foreign to the TV landscape, given how U-verse and DirecTV are under its auspices, as well as the HBO Max streaming service that’s slated to arrive in May. 

What then is AT&T TV, and as a cord cutter is this latest alternative to cable (or DirecTV) something to consider? Hint: I’m lukewarm after a few days of testing, mainly because of technical and navigational snags—and worse, missing content.

AT&T TV combines live TV with apps from Google Play

AT&T considers AT&T TV its new television flagship, the place where all the company’s marketing muscle in the space will be applied going forward, though neither DirecTV nor U-verse are going away anytime soon. 

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