Instacart delivery.

Ahead of a nationwide worker’s strike set for Monday, Instacart announced new measures to keep employees safe amid the growing coronavirus crisis

The grocery delivery company said Sunday it would distribute health and safety supplies to its full-service workers who gather food and other essentials at supermarkets, then drop them off at customers’ homes. The company is also launching a new tip setting to help shoppers earn higher, more consistent tips.

“We’ve been evaluating the COVID-19 crisis minute-by-minute to provide real-time support for Instacart shoppers and customers throughout North America,” the company said in a press release.

News recently broke that some of the company’s workers plan a nationwide strike over inadequate safety measures when fulfilling online grocery orders. The workers also plan to rally for an extra $5 per order in hazard pay during the COVID-19 crisis. 

Instacart employs about 200,000 shoppers, but it’s unclear how many will partake in the strike. 

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