WASHINGTON — Republicans on Tuesday continued to hit Democrats on a number of provisions included in a $2.5 trillion House coronavirus bill, calling it a liberal wish list and faulting Democrats for attempting to use a crisis for political gain.

Several moderate Democrats joined Republicans in voicing some level of skepticism over the length of the negotiations and the House bill because of items – such as measures taking on climate change, mail-in voting and funds for the Kennedy Center, a D.C. preforming arts center – that appeared unrelated to the worsening crisis.

“Now is not the time to try to establish a slush fund for your donors, as I believe Mitch McConnell has done or attempted to do. Now is also not the time to put in your own legislative pet projects, tenants of the Green New Deal, that you know will only likely stifle this,” Rep. Max Rose, a moderate New York Democrat, said of the House bill. “There is a fierce sense of urgency that we are feeling on the ground in New York, and New York right now is experiencing what other parts of the country will very likely experience weeks, or months from now.”

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