President Donald Trump is in Colorado Thursday night, hosting his second rally of the week. Follow for updates. 

Trump touts Cory Gardner on stage

President Donald Trump brought several guests on stage during his rally, including incumbent Republican Sen. Cory Gardner. Gardner is facing a tough reelection campaign in the state this year, but the audience wouldn’t know it from his remarks.

“We are going to win. We are going to win because we believe in Colorado,” Gardner said.

Gardner used his stage time to take a swing at Sen. Bernie Sanders, the presumptive front runner for the Democratic presidential nomination. Though Trump often feigns sympathy for Sanders and the insider forces within the Democratic Party he claims are attempting to “steal” the nomination from the Vermont Senator.

Gardner took a different approach, telling the crowd that a “dangerous” shift in politics happened in 2016 when Sanders ushered in the “normalization of socialism.”

— John Fritze

Protesters removed from rally

The crowd chanted “four more years” as Trump walked away from the podium while protesters were being removed from the stadium.

According to reporters in the stadium, seven protesters chanted “lock him up.” 

“That was quick, that was quick,” Trump stated after they were removed, raising his eyebrows in their direction.

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