Jennifer Lopez is reflecting on last weekend’s Super Bowl halftime show and shared that she wanted the performance, led by two Latinas – her and Shakira – to have an empowering message for women.

During Friday’s appearance on the “The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon,” she explained why she kicked off her segment by standing on top of a replica of the Empire State Building. 

“I wanted it to be like women are on top of the world, we’re on top of the world right now. On top of the Empire State Building and do ‘Jenny from the Block,'” Lopez told Fallon.

Another memorable part of the halftime show was Lopez’s pole-dancing.

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“That was my little nod to ‘Hustlers,’ I was like, ‘I learned some pole things, lemme see what I could do, we can put it in there,’” she said about the film where she plays a stripper who scams her Wall Street clients.. “And I felt, again, it was a very powerful move.”

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