Anyone who claims to know whether impeachment proceedings against President Donald Trump will move the public opinion needle one way or the other should check that assumption at the door. We’re witnessing a first here: No president running for re-election has ever done so under the cloud of possible removal from office. Not Andrew Johnson, who was never elected president in the first place. Not Richard Nixon and not Bill Clinton, both of whom had been safely re-elected before running into their impeachment buzzsaws.

Follow the money, the saying goes, and one early sign that impeachment may be helping Trump is the $3.1 million his campaign says it raked in during the first 24 hours after TV hearings began. For the year, the campaign has received about $66 million, and more, much more, will follow. It’s a clear sign that the Trump base is energized and angry. You can be sure that this cash will quickly be deployed into key states that Trump won in 2016 and which will make him or break him a year from now: Wisconsin, Michigan, Pennsylvania and Ohio.   

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